Second Collections

There are various second collections during the year that allow us to further support the needs of our parishes, the needs of our Archdiocese, and the needs of the national Church. These collections provide us with an added opportunity to engage in a life of Stewardship. 

The Archdiocese schedules approximately 14 special collections a year and a parish may have other collections for their own needs. Each of these second collections goes towards supporting the immediate needs of the Church.

Second Collections in the Archdiocese of Vancouver

New Year's Day

Like other ordinary Sunday Collections. Proceeds go towards the needs of the parish.

B.C. Catholic

To support the parish in its circulation of the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. This collection is retained by the parish to defray the parish costs of distribution.

St. Joseph's Society

To support priests in their retirement years.

Share Lent

To help the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace fight poverty in third-world countries and foster international justice.

The Needs of the Church in the Holy Land

To support Christians in the Holy Land.

Work of Vocations

To support seminarians studying to become priests for the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

The Pope's Pastoral Works

To contribute to the financial aid offered by the Holy Father to people stricken by natural disasters.

Catholic Missions in Canada

To provide support for over 600 remote and poor mission communities across Canada.

Pro-Life Sunday

To help support the life-affirming work of pro-life groups in our diocese.

Needs of the Church in Canada

To support the work of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

World Mission Sunday
(Evangelization of the Nations)

To help the Society for the Propagation of the Faith assist missionary bishops and dioceses throughout the world.

Peter's Pence

To support the charities of the Holy Father.

Home Missions

To support Archdiocesan programs.

Youth Ministry

To support Archdiocesan youth programs. 50% is returned to the parishes for their youth programs.

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