Ministries and Outreach

Our evangelizing mission is to Make Every Sunday Matter, to Get Closer to Jesus, to Strengthen Marriages and Families, and to Develop Parish Leadership and Support. There is a continuous need to foster personal encounters with Jesus through evangelization programs, to promote discipleship paths, and to continue to invest in strengthening marriages and families.

The Archdiocese of Vancouver’s Ministries and Outreach Office seeks to fulfill these needs with the following programs

Life, Marriage, and Family Ministries
Proclaim Movement
Works of Mercy

Our Evangelizing Mission

The various ministries and programs that we offer serve the faithful in the Archdiocese by bringing them closer to Jesus and by serving those who are vulnerable and marginalized. From Pro-Life Ministry to Youth and Young Adults Ministries, our aim is to continue to bring people to deep and lasting encounters with Jesus Christ.

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