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Welcome to all Pastor’s and Project Advance Teams,

Below you will find: Timeline for the appeal, resources, frequently asked questions, and staff contacts.

    This page will be updated throughout the appeal. Please keep it bookmarked as this is not a public page but only accessible by using a direct link. Please feel to reach out with any further questions or suggestions.

    Miro Bezjak
    Project Advance Coordinator

    Featured Resource:
    Project Advance Parish Phase Mass Homily


    Aug 8 – Appeal timeline updated (below)
    Aug 8 – Project Advance Parish Phase Mass Homily added. Link here.
    July 31 – Added constituent standards for when submitting a list for mailing. Link here.
    July 17 – Added featured resource: Project Advance Parish Phase Webinar.
    July 16 – Added Section: “Best Practices for Project Advance”

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    Online Parish Progress Reports
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    Appeal Website
    Learn more about Project Advance 2020

    Appeal Timeline


    September 6 or 13  – Suggested Parish Launch Date
    September 29 – Oct 1 – Letter mailed with pledge card on behalf of parishes that requested support.
    Oct 5 – All 2018/19 Project Advance donors who have not given will be emailed an update on the campaign.
    November – Project Advance Office will email parishioners who have not given on behalf of parishes that request this support.
    December – More recommendations to follow


    June 7 – Spring Launch Date
    June 10 – 19 – All donors from 2018 & 2019 received a letter (click to view) and pledge card (click to view) from Archbishop Miller and Development Office.
    June  – Parishes play launch video at mass (online or in-person) – click here for Youtube version, click here for downloadable version.
    July 7  – Follow-up email sent to previous donors who had not yet given in response to mailed letter. Click here to read the follow-up email sent on behalf of Rev. Gary Franken
    July 13 – Webinar – Project Advance Parish Launch – Click here to watch
    July, August – Parish Volunteer Teams prepare and plan for September launch
    July 28 –
    Support request form submitted – Click here to access the form
    August 22 – Mass with Archbishop Miller for Project Advance 
    August 8 – Custom parish information due and emailed to Miro (

    Best Practices for Project Advance

    1. Identify a specific project that parish rebate will be directed towards
    2. Communicate and report how funds were used from previous year rebate.
    3. Utilizes both direct mail and email service for solicitations
    4. Recognizes donors through a personal thank-you call, email, or letter
    5. Segments parishioner list to customize solicitation strategy – Donors who gave last year, donors who did not give last year.
    6. Promotes Project Advance prominently on website homepage during the appeal.
    7. Utilizes various promotional channels for the appeal: social media, email, bulletin, announcements.
    8. Provides updates on progress of appeal to the parish community
    9. Promotes online giving as the easiest and securest form of donation.
    10. Sets an ambitious but attainable parish fundraising goal (eg. 10% increase from previous year)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We hope that the new will answer many of your questions about the case built up for this year’s appeal.

    Yes, your parish goal was reduced by 50% of the originally communicated amount before the appeal was paused. The amount on the blue weekly reports does not reflect the 50% reduction as they were printed prior to the pause. If you would like to confirm your goal amount, please visit the reporting website and select your parish from the drop-down menu at the top: Click here to see the report

    Donors from 2018 and 2019 received a personalized letter from Archbishop Miller explaining the changes to this year’s appeal and requesting that make a donation if they were able. They also received a personalized pledge card with return envelope but are primarily encouraged to go online if they are able to make a gift. It is important to note that only one letter was sent per household, to cut back on costs.

    At this time, we do not encourage parishes to send out an appeal letter specifically for Project Advance to all parishioners. Donors from the 2018/19 will have already received a letter from Archbishop Miller with a pledge card to donate. Please continue to focus on promoting offertory giving at your parish. In September we will be offering direct mail support for parishes that would like to send an appeal letter to all parishioners.

    Unless there is a reason to launch immediately, please hold off on your parish specific launch until early September. Depending on your parish schedule, we suggest launching on either September 6 or 13. If you have reason to launch sooner, please contact us.

    The Development Office is looking after this aspect of the launch over the Summer months to allow for parishes to continue to focus on increasing offertory giving support and all the logistics of returning to mass. We know that many of your offices are very busy and asking to launch an appeal now would be an additional challenge. Whereas now the appeal is focused on the Crisis Response fund, by September we hope that many of your goals will be met or close to met, which will allow for more of an emphasis on how your parish will be using your parish rebate.

    Please share the above appeal materials on your website, social media accounts, bulletin, and other outlets.

    There will be articles and ads running in the BC Catholic through the summer months. Our Archdiocesan website and social media will also be prominently promoting the appeal. We are also planning to film additional videos that will feature more information about areas the Crisis Response fund will be supporting.

    All essential materials for donation processing have already been distributed to parishes. As for promotional materials, such as brochures and posters, we will not be distributing these until closer to September. This being said, the format of the brochures may change to reduce costs and expenses as much as possible.

    Staff Contacts:

    Miro Bezjak
    Project Advance Coordinator
    Phone: 604-683-0281 (ext. 50326)
    Contact Miro for: Strategy, Materials, Timeline, Advice, Support offerings, etc.


    Grant Andrews
    Project Advance Administrator
    Phone: 604-683-0281 (ext. 50322)
    Contact Grant for: Tax Receipting Questions, Parish Processing Procedures

    Tim Phan
    Project Advance Database Support Clerk
    Phone: 604-683-0281 (ext. 50323)
    Contact Tim for: Donation Processing Questions

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