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This year, $57,500 of our parish goal will be directed to the priorities of the Archdiocese and the remainder will be routed to assist the operation of the parish due to the pandemic.

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A word on Project Advance from
Father Guy

Hi to all St. Mary’s Parishioners, and welcome to the 2020 Project Advance parish campaign!

We’ve done it! We’ve surpassed our parish goal! This means that every contribution made to Project Advance from St. Mary’s parishioners comes straight back to the parish! That’s a powerful incentive for giving.

Since everything that we donate from now till the end of December is coming back to us in the form of a rebate, we need a parish project. What is our parish project? Normally, we direct the rebate we receive from Project Advance into the Building Fund. However, this is not a normal year. While our expenditures are way down, so is our income. We’re just barely covering our expenditures. In addition, between now and January 2021, we have to provide the Archdiocese with another $80,000 for our “diocesan assessment”. We certainly won’t be able to achieve this by drawing upon our ordinary revenues. Regrettably, we had to decline two requests to sign on as the “community sponsor” for refugee sponsorship projects, because we’re simply not in a position to put the parish at financial risk. Hence, this year, exceptionally, any rebate that we receive back from Project Advance will simply be kept in our account to help us get by. This is simply a matter of prudence. Should our financial situation improve considerably, and our parish accounts be restored to somewhere near the levels they were at before the pandemic reduced our revenues to near zero, as much as possible of the Project Advance rebate will be directed, as usual, to the Building Fund.

A second powerful incentive for giving is that the decision has been made at the Project Advance office that exceptionally this year, all the funds raised by this year’s campaign will be devoted exclusively to ministries of evangelization and outreach. In particular, roughly half of the funds raised will be poured into the Archbishop’s “Crisis Response Fund”, which will be devoted to ministries that reach out to all those who have been impacted in some way or other by the Covid pandemic. And even closer to home, “All Were Filled”, a new ministry that provides families impacted by the pandemic with boxes of frozen foods has been established right here at St. Mary’s! Hence it turns out that a part of the funds we contribute Project Advance is coming back to us in the form of frozen foods that we are distributing to our families in need. Recently, the Office of Ministries and Outreach has also secured partial funding for this ministry from the Government of Canada, to be administered locally by the United Way of the Lower Mainland.

To sum it up, it seems to me that we have two powerful reasons, especially at St. Mary’s, to contribute to Project Advance this year.

If you’ve given to Project Advance previously, thank you for continuing to do so. If you have not, and if you are able to, please consider giving this year. No gift is too small. It’s all about being a part of it. Those of you who have given before will receive a pre-printed detachable pledge card that they can use and return to the parish office in person or by mail. You can also make a pledge or a donation right here, a bit lower down, on our website.

Let’s help St. Mary’s Parish and the entire Archdiocese continue the ministry of Jesus: feeding the hungry, healing the sick, comforting the troubled and proclaiming the Good News of God. On behalf of all those who will benefit from the funds raised in this exceptional year’s Project Advance campaign, thank you and God bless.

Fr. Guy


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