St. Joseph’s Society – Second Collection – Feb 26, 2023

St. Joseph's Society – Second Collection, Feb. 18

A Message from Archbishop Miller

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Today I am writing to you to ask for your help in supporting the St. Joseph’s Society. This annual collection assists our retired priests who have dedicated their lives to serving our local Church.

Priests of the Archdiocese of Vancouver are responsible for saving for their retirement by contributing to a pension plan administered by the St. Joseph’s Society. This plan provides some financial assistance so that they can live with a measure of dignity and security in their retirement. Even so, because their modest salary reduces the Canada Pension Plan benefit our priests receive when they retire, their pensions often only provide for their basic needs in retirement. If nursing care or other expenses become necessary, their retirement income can quickly disappear.

Over the years, you have witnessed firsthand the commitment of your priests who have ministered in our parishes with zeal and devotion. These men have spent their lives serving others, bringing the joy of God’s Word and the strength of the Sacraments to those entrusted to their care. They have given so much to the faithful and have made many sacrifices along the way. It is now our turn to offer them support in their retirement. 

The St. Joseph’s Society relies on the generosity of donors like you to ensure that we can help provide our retired priests with a comfortable living environment, quality medical care, and other essential services that they require. Your donation expresses your gratitude to them.

Please consider contributing generously to the St. Joseph’s Society in the Collection on Sunday, February 18.

With the assurance of my prayers for you and your families during this Lenten season, I remain 

Sincerely yours in Christ,


+ J. Michael Miller, CSB 
Archbishop of Vancouver 

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